Thursday, May 29, 2008

the tears i shed tearing through my skin,
bent and broken, nothing  to hold on to,
slipping away from everything i have ever know,
never stopped to realize the frowning shadows;
right where i stand, the sands of time erode beneath my feet.

always waiting to let the fire die,
like a river of pain,the only thing that keeps me alive,
as you sleep in your tomb dreaming nothing at all;
all my dreams lay among the grass in the dust.

i try to find you among the stars,
beneath all the pain,the light of your face in the moonlight grace;
with closure thrown out of window,closer in death than in life.
wanting to be everything for your sake be;
but only your silence echoes in my pain.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A devil in me,thoughts of my own making,
the mirror screaming profanity at my face,
the hemorrhage before my eyes distorting my thoughts,
undoing all the deeds that made me what i am.

beyond the realms of rosy dreams and happy thoughts,
lay forsaken in my sins,the deeds of my past;
empty conscious seeking vengence on all.
defeated by my own hopes,lying to my soul,
lonely and free,i pursue my own doom.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tick,tick,tick the clock keeps on,
all the images in my head moving in circles of their own.
Trying to synchronize all that is my life,
alarm bells keep ringing at the coming storm.

The seconds keep moving into the shadows,
crying and screaming as the darkness grows.
making a mess of my life,feeling incomplete and over,
its time I made a sense of the tick-tock.
some measure of sanity still grained in my head;
laughing and staring at the insanity I lead.
it will all soon end,all in the arms of the clock,
humming all the way round tick-tock.
into the blank faces that stare,
they all know its all fake;
the truth lay torn apart in trashes,
all the lies still walking and talking in their faces.

looking through the opaque mirrors,
into the eyes filled with fear;
the heart keep hunting in vain for that single tear.
wishing for some catastrophe to occur,
its too late to realize ,they all are a walking disaster.

holding their own doom in their arms;
its all themselves that they keep cursing.
lost in the captivity of their own sanity,
unable to face the dark shadows within,
maybe its all too real to still stay alive...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

into the meshes of my pain,
running blindly away from some unknown in vain.
all light leads me to greater darkness,
all doors opening into closed cages.

letting out on myself the anger within,
the void keeps growing and tearing within.
all the vengence eating into my veins,
i lay bleeding in the grave of my memories.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the changing shadows on the face,
breaking away from the me within.
into the void within,i keep calling to the devil within.
no care about the worries of the day;
all images in my eyes,shaded by the mist of my guilt;
with you swinging between my dreams and death;
i keep searching for the voices in my head.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

time standing still in its path;
breathe holding itself in place,
the rain shadows my tears in them;
a soul colder then the winter air,i walk on ;
on a path to doom.

all blurred imageries of my mind;
distinct pictures of pain before my eyes,
the pain still echoes in this hollow soul;
bleeding and hurt,the laughter killing my tears.

trembling,without a murmur,i cry;
carrying the burnt of unknown sins;
a choice to be made in pain and anger,
walking on the border of sanity and insanity;
i let the anger feed my madness......