Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the light of the day bleeds into the darkness within,
my memories blur into my dreams.
forgetting everything that was unforgiven,
lonliness fills and consumes everything in my hollow.

there is no way back,
the past becomes a forsaken shadow of the mind.
all the sights I had seen, a mirage in the sands of time,
thirsty for redemption, on a stony path;
all the springs of yesterday reduced, to the memories of another life.
sometimes things just fall apart, 
everything broken can't be fixed.
the silence could be the cry of dread,
all within white robes, the saints stink of blood.

pent up anger and broken mirrors,
all that you run away from shall return.
nobody knows where I've been, the things I've seen;
in the dark, when its raining, the nightmarish ghosts return.

sometimes, things just fall apart,
everything broken can't be fixed.
the edges of the mirror bleeds of vanity,
the naked soul hunts for shreads of sanity.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

its a burning planet,
dying faces in the dying light.
nobody realize they been dying all along,
the masks of their birth burn into the shadows;
the light says a sweet goodbye,fading from bleeding eyes.

sacrosant eyes die in dis-belief,
the rock and rollers' been  singing  it all.
memphis lands his feet , unburnt on the water,
all the sins lay waiting, to be served on a platter.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

asleep, a sheep among the wolves,
deciet and pain for morning breakfast.
fallen angels loathe and repel,
the wings in heaven flutter unknown.

doubt eats into every time that flows,
all moments, a mask to hide the banality.
the walls shall break, the mask shall fail,
the true colours shall shine and the grave shall be dug;
shreadded and rot, for the rest of eternity,
the sheep that roamed among the wolves.

Friday, March 20, 2009

seven rows of seven bows,
without the seven,to heaven they go.
seven steps of a baby step,
hallowed in the grounds of hell;
seven sins entwined as life's kin.

seven seas and a shore,
the seven vices, man's foe.
man's invidia in superbia,
the Gods too ira on man's avaritia.
The keepers of hell's gate,feeding on gula;
the luxuria of heaven, washes away at peter's gate.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drowning in a wave of discontent,
gravity pulls my wings to its grave.
bound in the morbid irony of life,
all the summers of joy lost in the shade.

the sounds of the birds resonate,
all the unplesant things, a temporary distaste.
bound in the uncertainity of my fate,
here I stand kneeling, at heaven's gate.

Life in a dead lane,
lonely faces staring out of the moving train.
all, in god's name blame; everybody's gain is somebody's pain.

Flashes of life in a sleepy gaze,
dying to live, life flies by in a haze.
shining dew in a morning glare,
happy smiles and swollen eyes , a unholy pair.

the sparkle of light in night's snare,
all seek some redemption, not knowing where.
the buzz in my head thunders in the air,
all the childish dreams dead in judgment's fear.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The devil's lair that sleeps within,
fallen angels hunting for redemption.
blood red cloak hides the bleeding within,
on the steep fall down, bats keep howling from within.

Broken arrows and ripped souls,
in the shade, the shadow grows.
man begets his own sins, 
the heart gets hunted for the head's kill.

Listening to the wind whistling among leaves,
I lay smiling on the grass.
some distant echo of a melody floating in the air,
the earth hums a slow lullaby into me.

only my eyes see the sunshine caught in a waltz,
the shadows dance in the rain of light around them.
cotton candy clouds and wafer-thin palaces floating above my head,
I lay drenched in hope's eternal rain.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fly by the sun,
shine bright in the glare of the light.
soar in the vastness of empty space,
beyond mars, find a spot to slumber.

cut out the noises of the daily life,
washout the hangings of daily routine.
waltz in the absence of gravity;
let ur pain fall into the orbit of an unkown star.
touch the surface of the moon,
let your thoughts sing you a happy tune.
the dirt under your sandal,
gossips catch fire like the watergate scandal.
the hypocrisy of the daytime faces,
vampires in true moonshine glance.

the mirror tells you your true form,
embraced in the deep dark of your soul.
a maddening state of mind, dig deeper to find;
the storm in the middle, the devil inside your being.

all your lies a coverup,
your head, a haunted mansion.
show your true face in the sun.
heaven bent on the way to hell,
your last prayer drowns in utter despair.

what you wanted and what you get,
what you do and what you say;
pay the price for your redemption,
gloat in the agony of your own sins.
call me and ucall;
do the undone.
frozen dreams melt in the sun,
desires keep dancing a fiesta;
morality has gone a way too far.

sometimes i just think,
to just let out the fury.
flying bullets and raging cars,
my world tilts over and over,
because this has gone too far.

there's no one looking around,
let the devil out of his cloak.
bury the sun in your darkness,
hold onto the desires of the dark.
someday, oneday,they shall see,
but nobody's gonna give a damn;
because all they'll ever say,
Is that you went just too far.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the flow keeps going on.
flying high in the sky,
nestled in all the stars I count;
waiting for  something beautiful,
I wait smiling at the blank blue sky .

roll, keep rolling on the grass.
shine, the shine in you glows bright,
all that I ever saw in you;
every moment I see something new.

turn around and walk into your dreams.
so much said, the silence remains.
feel the glow of the early morn;
because when tomorrow comes, all might be gone.