Saturday, August 29, 2009

echoes of a bright sunshine, clear as the vast blue sky;
everyone walking on and on, the rain holding up for some magic moment.
caught between what you feel and what you think,
the water flows on and on, with no worry to care.

Drops of tears in the puddle of rain, waking you up from your dreams,
bow to the beauty around, merge into lifes' flow within.
ask for a name, look for a smile;
let your soul be the dreams that flow around you.
Autumn winds smile along as you go ,
the heart beats on and on searching a rhyme.
a watchtower at the end of life , shooting a beacon of life;
waving the waves into brighter part of the day,
the heart beats on and on.
stoping midway on the road half travelled,
none to say goodbye to, none to smile at to.
time unbinds the chains of yesterday as the fields pass on;
the wind rumbles on and on...the signs on the road all gone.

dreams won't let you shed the memories,
I am now one with the wind.
A slow breeze flipping the butterfly along,
the wings seek out to my life,
a slow twitter in the rustle of life.

break up blues..

20 hours from between the dreams and nightmares,
the day stretches into the dark, casting shadows all along.
Broken tunes on the radio weep on broken shoulders;
the light burns the vision of the past, the pain consumes it whole.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Frozen dreams in the head of a basket-case,
the moments fly by along the lightning sparks.
The seconds stay longer than they should,
the minutes cast their shadows before they leave.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of these days,
the light shall shine through the night;
the fears shall melt away into the glare.

One of these days,
life shall seem so full and bright;
the dusts of yesterday shall be blown away.

One of these days,
all your dreams shall come true,
the sights of yonder shall embrace you.

One of these days,
you shall wake up to the day,
see the birds sing a song for you.

One of these days,
you shall ride the clouds,
bask in a smile and own the day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Waiting for the skies to clear up,
dreams wait to drench in the blue.
The falls and high of life washes up along the sands,
waiting on the path of life with eyes closed;
the rain drips, washing away the pain.

take your soul away into the stars yonder,
make the dreams live through the glare of the day.
wake up to the festive of life around ,
drip in the happiness and beauty unbound.
feel the wind whisper a mothers' lullaby,
breathe into life as you drench in the rain.