Monday, April 26, 2010

sometimes, the beautiful moments are hardest of 'em all,

sometimes, the morning sun is the darkest of 'em all.

sometimes, the thickest crowd is the loneliest of 'em all.

sometimes, the sunniest days are cloudiest of 'em all.

sometimes, the winds on the beach are the silent of 'em all,

sometimes, the whites in the sky are blackest of 'em all.

sometimes, the smile from the heart is the saddest of 'em all,

sometimes, the end of the day is the brightest of 'em all.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

paper shards raining from the skies,
swinging on in a million colors and their hues.
paper dreams of people float around,
lines in black pencil hues of hidden dreams and desires,
messing with the masks in everyday heads,
a game of hide and seek with what the heart seeks.

moments of sweetness hung in chains of insensitivity,
like rays of light through the dark clouds,
in bits and pieces, like the rain of paper shards,
in layer of graphite black, the fate of a million seconds of life,
all twist in spirals of their own, the paper shards in the air.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We all need to play it some other way someday,
scratch a new tune , paint a new day,
we all need to let the seasons around change,
we all need to keep the rivers flowing some other way.

We all need to stand still and breathe in the light,
we all need to feel life float endlessly in and out of the day.
We all need to chase out the old rhythms humming in the head,
We all need to give every second chance a day to live before we fade away.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slow trains circle on in poppy fields,
the long grass glitters gold,
waving among the shards of golden light.
Like velvet fields on the moor's gown,
they swing to the arms of the wind,
while sweet laughter keeps rolling on,
making circles in fields of poppy red.

far away from castles of bricks,
we make here, floating palaces in the air.
Circling around in patches of green grass and pebble soldiers,
we rumble on on the hills,
the laughter lights up the forest beyond,
at horizon of poppy red meeting the carpets of trees.
All things keep turning inside out in my head,
everything keeps happening in the second just gone.
Days flash on and off, like fireflies on a high,
I stay away from the light and dark, I stay in worlds of my own.

I walk the lines on a secret map,
a world for me that destiny must have drawn.
Signboards never let me lose,
they keep following me on roads yet to take,
they keep reminding me I can't go wrong.

Falling paper flakes from the sky,
all etched with a million smiles of a face I know,
the lines on the horizon seek out through the waves,
I live through the universe, a kaleidoscope in my head.
At the third hour of the night
whose was the figure I drew in my heart?
partially erased,leaving me totally blank?
I wander on in these lonely paths,
searching for the pair of lovely glitter in her eyes,
I wander on, at this third hour of the night.

I drive further on to confusion,
as I lose all sensation of the ground,
I keep counting the seconds in silence,
only to tumble and fall,blinded at your feet,
endlessly I fall, further down the dark hour of the night.
New born green on the trees,
painting the forest bright under yellow splendor.
Lost children of long gone spring,
long before the seasons of wither and die,
they rustle on in the air, the new born leaves.

Unspoken happiness echoed in the song of the birds,
all hopes of a tomorrow burn bright like evening hues.
High above the mix and match of brown earth and dusty paths,
they shade the forests in blankets of green,
the new born leaves on the solemn trees.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I waited a long long while,
to ask the clouds of their long march in the sky.
Underneath the one tree hill,
I lay waiting, for a long long while,
for a vapor of mist to pour out all it knew.

Why, why do I come here?
why do I seek all that I hold so dear?
Knowing the fears that hold back the pages of tomorrow,
why do I keep pushing the waves underneath the storm?
why do I wait so long, for the days to turn a shade of my heart's delight?
why do I see the world turn on, as i lay on in paradise here?
We have no time to waste,
the hearts ticks on, along the clock on the wall.
Struggling under the lights, the life we make,
same old traps on same old roads.

We are changing, like the moors; we grow warmer,
We look out for miracles in the air,
we shine like stars in the northern glow.
Trying to find and forget, it's so easy to hide,
the sun under the clouds, the heart in a blanket of smiles.
Fragment dust floating around in morning air,
monkeys in people's heads tossing their feelings around.
All shall soon go back to being just what they are,
the fragments of dust shall all that be left, in the streets and the air.

All the people wake up to their morning blues,
ready to go back to hanging around the remains of yesterdays.
Some magically wish for the seconds to please not go,
but time shall not keep hanging around,
only the dust remains, floating around fragmented pasts.
Soldiers on a march,
through lands barren and torched,
minds and flesh torn by the ravages of war,
they walk silently on, the soldiers on a march.

The torch of war burning in night and day alike,
the music of whizzing bullets lays many a soul to sleep.
On the altar of afterlife, a eternity besides the souls of the fallen,
skies of rain of shed bled, as the soldiers march on , through life and death alike.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its so still,
the night slowly fading away.
Morning light,
falling like early snow,
in bits and pieces of ecstatic tomorrow.
Breathless, I stare at the coming light,
twisting its way around fading stars.
Sunshine, on its way,
like a stranger on a path walked a million times before.
I could possibly be dreaming,
sleeping with my arms around fading starlight,
holding on the strands of the growing day,
I could feel myself growing a day older,
I stand frozen like stone,
in the breathless song of the coming dawn.
For you,
all worlds shine so bright.
For you,
all roads lead to paradise.
For you,
all time shall lay frozen in a smile,
for you,
all dreams shall come walk alive.
For you,
there shall be bridges between rainbows,
for you,
the stars shall rain forever twinkling light.
For you,
even sad days could turn a poetic delight,
for you,
the worlds will bathe in reflections of your light.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing happens on,
between the swings on the wall,
the pendulum in her slow song,
as I roll the dice and sway fate in the air,
nothing happens, in the blink of the eye.

Nothing ever happens,
to the grain under the grass.
A million foot passing along and on,
for a million ages come and gone,
nothing ever says farewell to the clock on the wall,
as the dice rolls and sways destiny on her palm.
I am dreaming,
of pirate ships floating in the air.
I am smiling,
thinking of fools dancing in the zoo.
I walk in halls with no walls,
I say farewell to the times yet to come.
I breathe in the air, I compare,
the shades of the green leaves on misty mornings,
against the yellow light cutting through the blankets of green.
I hear the sound of the waterfall on the rocks,
I hear piano notes floating through.
As I keep on walking, the roads still yet know where,
to the gardens where the bees never wait or fly far,
I'm smiling, thinking of misty morning dews.
Slow moving mountains in my head,
floating valleys and the vapor lakes,
reach escape velocity and take to the stars,
as I lay silent on the grass, smiling my way through sweet time's tune.