Monday, May 24, 2010

I can't land,
set my foot on scorching sand.
The winds drive me on,
a rhythm in my chest sings on the way beyond.

Its a snow covered sky,
I see far away land way below.
Dropping my wings among the eagles in the air,
I float endlessly, in mists of vapor gray.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Broke shards of memories haunt the night,
every evening,a new moon, bigger than before.
through the silence, the chaos of a million thoughts unsaid,
racing pulses never feel the heart's delay,
morning light never care where the gone shadows lay.

waking from dreams, onto paths of heaven and hell,
all vision lost in the hallucinations of today.
days and nights masked in the glory of hope,
dreams keep drizzling, from dark clouds with silver linings.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing remains the same ever,
The seasons keep changing the mirrors within.
Nobody is who they used to be,
The fallen leaves embrace the dust,
The melancholy gets to all,
To every me and every you.

We stay by our sides, as the days turn shades of sour,
Every word we speak, resonates in graveyard chimes.
Nothing is ever the same, we are not the same ever again,
There' s only more to go underneath, as the bonds keep getting thinner,
Melancholy finds her home, in every me and you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

wayward to nowhere, I walk on, terra incognita,
I stagger on, worship the beads of light raining on.
at the mercy of bittersweet waves of life,
the days swings on,
from a smile from the soul, to the shores of agony.

The big yellow sun, beating down the drums of the heart,
bound by the vagaries of emotions of fathers and sons,
there is a big black hole,
burning away the light into the nowhere's of yesterday.
Wayward, with only the eagles to be seen,
I walk on to be lost, on terra incognita.
I see miles and miles of mountains on my side,
the sea washes on at my feet, throwing herself blindly at me.
What I am to me, flicks of real and imagery,
the ground ain't what it seems,
just another face waiting to turn up soon.

I see a million stars twinkle on,
as million lives flicker on and off.
The wind blows easy ceaseless on its way,
as I walk on, to lands of everbright skies.
Beyond open skies above,
home high above the eyes of men.
I make on castles in the air,
bricks from words borrowed from beyond,
from sights I haven't seen from yonder.

I sail away, from kingdoms I break to kingdoms I make,
at some sacred place, stuck in whirlpools of my own thoughts.
I sail on, high above the reach of eagle's wings,
to the worlds made on words I borrow,
I sail on, to the lands unseen, that I make.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting for my train of words on the way home,
I burn my hands trying to hold the flying dreams go.
The winds through the window speak in silent tones of their own,
the day sings a charm of her own, not caring for the birds fly by as they go.

I stand by the doors, hiding from the shadows of lesser walls around,
the sun beats down in blankets of white, I sleep through the songs of the birds.
I lean against walls of self-made thoughts,
I drench in the drizzle of my own broken memories.
I sit staring at white walls and passing feet,
I wait on, for a train of words, home-bound.