Wednesday, July 30, 2008

paper flowers and cotton candy;
blood ridden faces and wretched beings,
playing harp in the garden of eden.
in the chaos of reality ripping whats left of me;
god and devil becoming one in some cursed flame.

swollen ego's and inflated lungs,
all imaginary runts of some grinding axe;
all the odds laying out in favour of the pain ;
all the hopes and faith have long been gone.
staring into the eyes of my own corpse,
the world closes in on me like my grave;
waking up into a hollow nothing ,
the tide washes away all that's left of my life.

frozen and still with ice cold blood,
all liberties of life fading into human vanity.
the perfection of my fall ,looking up with bowed down knees;
pretending sanity in a seething anger;
the betrayal's of my own soul lost in my life;
the truth doesn't matter somehow ,
the lies linger and haunt unerased;
somehow I carry on among the broken dreams.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

seven seconds of uncertainity,
seven layers of shade;
nine lives of a freakshow life,
a thousand shades of grey.

sevenfold pleasure in the seeping pain,
a billion curses showered on heaven,
one step into the abyss below,
and thats all that remains of a life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

silent alarms ringing in my head,
knowing not from where my dreams come;
some share of pain draining through my veins,
killing all that seemingly makes me laugh.

when the rest still drive onto the roads,
spat into the ends where the light clouds the dark;
some known stranger voicing my devils,
the haunting still keeps coming on,
among the ruins of my life;
its only the pain keeping me on.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

she was a beautiful picture;
in a bright golden frame.
all my dreams caught in waiting,
wishing to hear her murmur my name.

at odds with my memories,
never grasping what i have lost;
i once owned all the autumns of her life,
now i stand drenched in her pain.

going wild into the realms of my own head,
summer has come and gone in the passing,
all her memories failing to fade into the twilight.
still among the flowers,only in my head she remains;
like some remnants of a dream fading fast.