Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cry, for the blood;
of the strained souls that sinned.
Burn, in the pain;
of the lost and the forbidden dead.
Hate and you shall wait;
for the reaper's blade in the shade.
Rain, in the pain;
for all the prayers said in vain.
Gain, you shall none;
to follow the devil and his son under the sun.
Bleed and you shall feed,
on the rot and the dirt of your deeds.
Drink, before you forever sink;
the hatred and ignorance in your veins.
Drain, all except the pain.
feign insane on a lonely lane,
the shadows of your sins shall keep you sane.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

there is no justice in a fall,
my emotions unrelated to my life theme,
like a crowd in the mall.
broken glass panes sticking out from the ground;
lost in the shadows of a inexistant pain, 
hoping that I am finally found.

what i leave behiend is only the sands on my grave.
cherishing the struggles that i never lost;
in a city of the delusional, i render some tune in my senses.
destroying the illusions and hunting for  my reasons,
i live among the light and shades of the season.
 blackholes in my head;
my actions lingering at the events on the horizon.
faraway from the ground beneath my feet,
fading into the lengths of time.

some revelation of redemption through the window,
heavenly light blinding what i can see.
the clowns with all their sorry faces;
moving in circles around hollow laughs.

some strange ease setting into my soul,
when i thought i was sinking lower;
i find myself in the fields of clover.
the throbbing in my head beating a familiar tune,
the panic in me ridden in some desolation.

sailing away from the pain into the sea;
all the monsters lay lying among the shatters of a ruin.
blaming me no more for the sins i did not commit;
the past runs away in a flashback, with no goodbye to spare.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Along some dark corner in my mind,
I never want to return to the place;
of sane dreams and insane hearts.
taking hold of my lost time, stepping into the bullet's line;
the trust in my failiure all absorbing my sins,
i stand drenced in blood, thinking what to do.

hope leaves my heart along the feather's flight;
a road of no return that i am always walking.
the rain offering some comfort along the contours of my bleeding skin;
the end seems no near, and i carry on filled with fear.
back to the grave,
with stars on my feet.
tried to forget the days,
shrouded in the shade of the night.
here i lay withering in faith,
with opeth by my side.

wading through the mist in my eyes,
looking up at the sky, barren like my soul.
the tears burning hot red through the flesh as they fall;
i lay with open eyes, with opeth at my side.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A song of seven.

seven days in passing,
seven seconds of shame'
seven sins for an eternity,
seven seconds in the shade.

seven days of life,
seven minutes of glory.
seven beats for a breath;
seven memories for a life.

seven leaves and their blades;
seven laughs for seven seconds.
seven tears for a gone past;
heaven fears the true face.

Monday, January 5, 2009

running dreams wizzing past the thought-train;

all alone at the station waiting for my time.

everything i wished for just a hand's reach away;

too sad that i lie still, motionless in my grave.

the grass and the sunshine,

a perfect glint of life in the shade;

all the pain lost in the shadow of the leaves,

too sad i still lie motionless in my grave.

walking into the sunshine of madness,
the thin line between sanity and insanity coiled around my neck;
sitting back in my own electric pain, watching as time goes on,
i still hear sensiblity shouting profanity in my face.

i know i am falling away into my misery;
falling into the broken shards of my madness,
the truth isn't as oblivious as the insanity in me;
but tomorrow i will be gone, with regret writen all over my grave.