Monday, April 27, 2009

As the early morn air finds its way into me;
all I ever wanted was to let my dreams come home to me.

All I ever wanted be, to let the world go on as it is,
see the birds sit their day by on the telephone pole.
Invisible, to live in some hollow;
to let the wind pass by, with the bees on their flowers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The blue sky unbound above me,
the green endless grass below me.
The silent wind flows around me,
life whispers a melody among the flowers,
light dances in the shade to an unsung song.

every morn a new light is born,
the glade on the grass shines brighter than the sun.
in my dreams, in the dawn of my day;
the mist draws a face in the mirror, so foreign yet so knowing.
the sands of time flow into the vortex of my life,
and I keep wondering in awe at that which is me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now life is just a laugh away,
the day shall sleep with the passing cloud.
as I fade into the setting sun,
the light bade goodbye till early morn.

Left with only the memories of yesterday,
I keep charting maps to a beautiful tomorrow.
On the never ending road of life and its blossoms,
its just the you in me and the me in you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The music seems so binding,
I wish life was a long highway.
with my music playing loud in the subways;
I could drive all along to meet time at the border.

Wouldn't mind a open-top lambhorgini,
drive till traffic-lights blinks are just tiny-tweeny.
The air flowing over my head would sing the songs for me,
the birds shall play the harmonica for me.

the road is long, the wind is just born.
the sky is clean, all the trees still green.
all my life, all I want for ever;
is to drive on and on, forever.
This is me, scattered in my sky.
one moment, I am in cypres, next in the skies of rome.
jumping from the eiffel onto mars,
there is a lot of visits left to do.

I am the shooting star, up aimless in the sky,
soon the sun shall pass me in a minute;
blink away into the dark while there is nothing I can do.
How I wish I could see you,
In your arms, by my side.
in my eyes , you could have seen,
 all the places I've been.

I'm falling back through the stars,
through concocted dreams and fading lies.
Between the frames of dark and light,
all I sense is me falling.

The road ahead is broken and dead,
all that I see keeps fading into the unreal.
The heat of the sun kills the light within,
all that survives is the black soot of morrow.

The end, so near yet so far,
life goes on too long at the end of it.
The noon stretch seamlessly into hopeless nights ,
the light of a million stars breeze past as I glide,
I see the whole world falling by my side.

Monday, April 13, 2009

waiting for the alarms to toll,
sleep a distant guest,
i revel in the streams of light.

this is the day for tomorrow to be born,
dreams take a waking, new life is born.
unbound by the lost meanings, here we go;
into the light of tomorrow, as dust we flow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The pages of my life flutter before me,
the eagles circle over my disdain,
i keep walking with none to blame.

no words to write, no starting to end;
i take pride in all that I ain't.
They called me a joker, because I made em' laugh.
the world is still a dying joke,
a few still have their laugh, and flee.

Lost in the folds of my own making,
thoughts wrap around me head, the light fades into the laughter.
holding on to the faces I never wanted to ,
this is my final symphony, this is the end of me.
The words I write cave in on my world,
the air I breathe turns shade of gray.
never wanting to wake when its all over,
tears puddle around my knees as I pray.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let that slips, slip away.
I am just living on a high lane today.
what I take for mine shall burn away tomorrow,
but the wind shall still blow for one more time,
the sun shall shine, one more time.

let away all that goes away,
let the beach caress your feet in estacy.
the moment waits for none, the birds sings for none.
some memories shall burn like a star,
sleep in its light,wink at its twinkle.
just lie down and let your feelings drown,
because somethings always go dying down.
you never know what you are going in for,
could be good, could be worse,
could be the final grain on your grave.

the world smell of roses and lilies,
the looking glass is suddenly shades of joy.
go on with the fool's parade, scream it all out,
because yesterday is gone,
breathe and feel the life thats now.

no reason to shut out the light,
tear out the empathy from your sight.
life is now or never,
shine bright and the smile shall last forever.
On a high roll , the world dancing before me;
five feet from the ground,
my legs float away from the mayhem that is me.

hit my head on a railing, feels like i am still sailing.
the air drifts me everywhere, the fools shall keep staring everywhere.
what I seek I no more care,
now I see what I no longer stare.

attention and detail thrown out of the window,
a vegan marriage with incoherency, why I never know.
now all is beautiful, nothing obvious;
everything is plain without disdain.
the face through the mirror, no more mine,
she looks on through my memories,
with a sweet smile that shall fade for no time
walloping on a dreamy highway,
no strings attached, i run into the hands of sweet destiny.
no coming back to the sadder yesterdays,
far in the horizon, the sun is still a happy smiley.

i am in my wonderland,
my angels' having a waltz in her own private heaven.
the shadows of yesterday die in the light of tomorrow,
the guitar keep singing to me,
welcome to my wonderland.
the slow wind blows over the barley,
the music in my head riot, the end of a disgruntled parley.
a singular bee lost from its hive,
the crowds hum back home, forgetting a life.
the sun sinks into the night,
the birds give up their flight,
among the stars,soaring dreams take flight.

I lay drenched in the rain, the sky cries for me today,
vast stretches of blue, triggering a rush of happy yesterdays.
holding onto the grass between my fingers forever,
dancing with the light on the glade-drop,
what a day to be, lost in the thoughts of tomorrow.