Thursday, May 14, 2009

The saints and their robes glitter in the light;
the shadows at their foot scream with all their might.
The name of the gods resounds a million voices in the hall;
the shadow of the devil grows among the fear in the dark.

The happy and the fallen flock amidst the men,
the glitter of the gold hold the hearts of saintly men.
The voices of the masses silent at their mass,
because except on the day of the sun,
God's son shall be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the road to Babylon;
fields of clover graze by me.
unknown faces and ruthless stares drill my soul,
as I keep walking on the road to Babylon.

The sun beats down on the barren road,
the clouds vanish into the folds of the horizon.
with vultures in the skies , the only wayfarers along;
I walk on the barren road, to Babylon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

If I were the rain, should I cry;
a million tears, for the flowers by your side?
If I were the sun, should I shine;
for the million grass that grows in your shade?
If I were a song, should I rhyme;
with the words in your smile, my heavens' gate?
If I were in your arms, should I breathe;
the scent of you to fill my heart ?
If I were a bird, should I fly;
roll by the tide and wait for my time?
If I were a thought, a dream, a breeze;
it would all be you, in shades of blue.
For all I said and all I did, all I ever wanted to be;
was to cherish and celebrate the me in you.
a thief of my own dreams,
I watch as my world floats around me.
there is a road to yonder I wish to walk;
but the chains of your yesterday bind me today.

learnt how the sky holds up after the rains tear through,
because a grass blade could split it into two.
shifting through the mist for a magical glimpse,
all my life I shall see,the true shades and the colors that be.
the real me wakes and walks in an illusion,
bleeding on the shards of glass broken by your glare.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the fall of civilisation

calling out to the dead Gods for a saviour,
all that shall be is the crack in the sky.
The blades of the reaper shall swing along to the music,
to the cries and the failed prayers;
the bowed knees shall find their place amidst the fallen heads.

Run away before being seen by the eyes of the zombie crowd,
on your trail, like a hound, shall follow your sins and bleeding desires.
the sons pay for the sins of their fathers',
and the Gods shall see without empathy from their golden thrones;
the blood of their children soaking the earth red.

to kill a thought.

They got it wrong about the mockingbird's song,
the bullet between the brow was meant for the thought.
The world isn't so beautiful behind the mask,
waiting to feed on your desires before you could ever ask.

All the hypocrisy, all the blurry shades of lies and deceit;
its all to kill a thought, the world sinking in itself.
God made the Devil, and the Devil made Man;
in one's own light one's darkness emerge;
all the world prepares a war, a flood from all their blood;
all the faces bleed in the shadows, just to kill a thought.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

elves of elendor

As ruin stares right into your face,
truth comes riding, sounding death at every pace.
Chaos drifts among the blood of the fallen,
on your knees, you shall cry, staring blindly at the rot.

The cold shivers up from the inside,
the fire of your soul frozen among the lies.
As you watch yourself fall, a bowed head weighed down by hope;
all that is left to do, is to stare blindly at the rot.