Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There's the greens and the blue,
and then in my head, there's you.
Random walks on the beach shore sand,
the ebb and the waves, come and leave unplanned.

In walking on along, some fictional graze,
angels without wings keep pace , unseen and unfazed.
Flashes of tomorrow brighten today,
the torch of yesterdays lead on the road, flickering but ever on.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wishing my dreams to the shooting stars,
all pains fade as I fall fast asleep.
Images of you and cotton candies under the tree,
I wish the old times would come back to me.
Everyday, lived the same way,
worn out eyes, a picture not new;
somehow, the mirror welcomes me new,
like a boy in the park after so long.

The pictures in my wallet, of times gone by,
moments spent together that so soon flew by.
If one morning the time stood still,
the wind so still, I'll not know what to do,
with the memories I keep, of you and me and the dew.
Early morning rain, born of dew in the sun,
never meant to be half dropped on the grass,
between the shades of blue and green,
a drop is born and dead.

Dials on a clock, falling in circles,
behind one's own shadows, winding their life on the dial.
an eternity lived in the space of a circle,
it stays still as the time flies by,
all the brilliance of life lost in the sands of eternity, unseen.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The God of man, made of bricks and bones,
clothed in gold, he bathes in a river of blood.
The fate of man, in the hands of God,
life and death, weighed in measures of gold.

Dreams and hopes of a paradise to be gained,
all prayers and cries of the mothers' in vain.
God bless himself, from the guile of man,
for a day shall dawn when sinners shall burn.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning light, all glory;
its cold without you in the summer sun.
I stand , all lonely facing the wind,
the tears glitters like water in sparkling sun.
Rain in midnight moon, drenches the cold in me,
its taken years to be here,
I have had the air to thank for the empty hugs.

Rain, its life falling at you in a million drops,
today is just a page read and forgotten.
I wish I would find you through,
but you hide in between the shades of me.
Tomorrow, I'm left with searching for me,
in the maze of mirrors that reflect my yesterdays.
We were pieces of puzzle that don't fit,
In the space between you and me,
a whole universe has come to be.

Words that were never meant were spoken,
brittle kingdoms within our hearts were broken.
Caught in old times like a broken dial,
we are fallen and lost in the universe,
a life lived and forgotten, between you and me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow time is no time,
to look for answers and broken dreams.
Your mind dances like a puddle in the rain,
caught back and forth between its own desires.

Today, nothing shall change,
the bird on the telephone pole shall sing her song.
I walk naked on the snow, my feet frozen in your memory,
feelings I never felt flushes away the pain,
I am just a broken song, played again and again on the radio.

Friday, January 1, 2010

All the birds that you see, all figments of your dreams,
the tin heads talk to you in languages of their own.
You nod like you know and smile at all,
but only you know you care nothing at all.

The sky overhead, all in colors of your soul,
the angels hover by you, making merry as you go.
The wind blows the grass in a dance as you go on a stroll,
only you know you don't truly care at all.