Sunday, February 28, 2010

Skies of paradise,
shades of every desires and dreams,
the sun in brilliant shades of life,
I walk on under the skies of paradise.

The wind puts up a dance on the meadows and the greens,
a laughter runs amok in the forest as the birds chirp around.
Elven tongue renders a song, as the swan goes about her preen,
I walk in wonder among the pines and trees,
taken in the brilliance unbound,
I walk forever in Eden under the skies of paradise.
sparrows on a telephone pole,
watching on as the world goes by.
shadows on the ground,
mocking the legs as they walk by.

sparrows in the sky,
making pyramids as they fly.
shadows under the sun,
kissing the ground always as graze on.

life's a half made preview of a movie show,
most people climb the stairs to the nowhere that they go.
The happy go lucky, called useless for the way they go,
have the last laugh, making a joke of everyday as it goes.
I got to get the windows open,
pull down the sheets and let the sun thro.
Got to undo the knots of my life,
find a pair of shoes and a song to whistle to.

Wake up before the alarm crows,
wake up and see the moon say good bye and go.
See the sun coming up really small and slow,
play with the snails and stones on the road as I go.
Echoes in my head,
rhyme with bittersweet symphonies.
The stains in the clouds above,
hide my tears from coming through.

I hide my heart, in shadows of the past,
the mirror in the wall, reflect the ghosts that live in me.
I can't run from the holds of thoughts filled with she,
I keep rewinding on the sadder times of me.
Can I be the first light in the morn,
can I swing from one cloud to another?
Can I be the joker in a play,
can I live laughing all the way?

Can I keep the stars in my purse,
have little suns for night bulbs over my bed?
Can I fly like superman ,over everyone's head?
Can I fly among the clouds, cotton candies of snow,
Can I make the world my home, forget the past in the tune of a song?
Is it a face I'm looking for,
is it the sky that grows dark or the night closing in on me?
Is it to home that I keep wandering to,
or on the road away from home that I keep walking on?

Is it love I am looking for?
or is it love I keep running away from?
Is it me crying under the clouds so high,
or is it the raining washing down from the sky?
Is it the end of the life that I keep holding on to?
Is it the start of a new dawn that the sun leads me to?
Is it the last winters of a life lived so long,
Is it the start of a warm summer, but with you forever gone?
Popping songs on the radio as we go on,
the car hums a song loud on the road.
The signboard saying "go slow" get lost sooner than they come,
the sands whizz faster than oncoming honks through the window.

The heart pounds along to the song on the radio,
the wheels go on unhindered on empty roads.
Coming signboards point to different worlds,
the flags of free spirit fly high, unfurled, on the road we go.
A lotus of a million petals,
bloom in the middle of a lake, all alone.
Like god put a smile on a desert's face,
she blooms all alone, in a pond that she calls her own.

A sea with a million pearls,
all burning the sea blue bright.
The clouds clear way for her sparkling light,
the sea with a million pearls,
brighter than the million stars in the night.

The sun with the million rays,
slowly break the dark with daylight.
The light lives up the lotus with a million petals,
sets the million pearls burn bright with light.
The world begins, with me and you,
in the haste of the world, we forget what we are.
The highs and lows, pulling us along its flow,
time makes no sense when all that's worth living is gone.

Rushing along through, in the hurry to survive,
we make haste, forgetting the miracles in front of our eyes.
The million stars looking down on us,
we fill in a universe, between me and you.
My heart, broken like earthen pots,
I still wonder what I am waiting for.
I see the world through the looking glass,
the mirror stares at me back with red crying eyes.

Under the roof of the world,
I sit on the shore, waiting all along.
Time passes by me, as the waves beat on,
I still wonder why I am still looking for.
I wish the clock on the wall made some sense,
wish I knew what I keep looking for.
In a lifetime of unending beauty and calm,
I keep forgetting what I am looking for.
fireflies in the dark,
shining on through paths of glowing yellow.
Glowing lines that start nowhere,
beautiful sparks fly around in random arcs everywhere.

The ground and the sky all same in the dark,
oh firefly, from where did you get your spark?
I wait for light with open eyes,
all I see are fireflies in the dark.
I stare at the stars , into the black void so high,
the air fills up my lung as I choke on emotions that were yours.
There's a sky, deep in my heart,
filled with wonders and dreams that were always yours.

How do i go on,
from mountain tops to the sea beyond?
with only the shadows of you to guide me through,
every breath of me hangs onto the memories of you.

There never was a day, with no sense of you by my side;
there never was a second that passed, without you deep in my heart.
Desires keep ripping out the feelings of the past,
I keep staring at the stars, twinkling like eyes of yours.
The days begins with the light needling through the curtains,
I breathe in the hundred scents of an unborn day.
Life is a painting in bright golden frames,
in every second, a million possibilities that make a life are made.

All is not lost, not all victories are from battles fought,
life is a once in a lifetime event,
live, for the glory of the sun and the stars,
live , for the simple reason that you are alive so far.
Maybe I'm the only one who knows,
the sea and the sky are all shades of blue.
Maybe I'm the only one,
who's seen the rainbow and all her hues.
Maybe I'm the only one counting the stars,
Maybe only I know how the daylight starts with the sun.

Maybe the waves sings only to me, her million songs,
Maybe the birds only talk to me as they fly on.
Maybe the sun just shines for me through the clouds so high,
Maybe the silver clouds is sky's way of saying hi!!.
Hunting for words in the rain,
the days keep company on the road as I walk on.
The rains gives away the sky, wetting my feet on the go,
entrenched in the world around me, I find it hard to let it all go.

A bee,lost from its friends cries in its hum ,
taking blame for the flowers not bloomed under the sun.
Letting go is harder than I thought,
like giving up on everything you forever fought.

Waiting for my train as the clock ticks on,
I keep counting the seconds uselessly gone.
Screaming out my lungs to empty sounds,
it hurts all the more when I let it all go.
The moon talks to me about a feeling,
glittering stars sing in the background night.
Everything glitters in bright light of the night,
the moon keeps on whispering, about a dream tonight.

Gravity pulls me down,as my dreams fly high,
dividing and multiplying my hopes in a million folds,
I keep wondering where the sun is gone.

The world's turned upside down in my head,
the rain falls upwards to the sky below.
The moon keeps talking to me about her shine, as she goes,
the night sky keeps singing to me as they fade slowly to coming sun.
I'm alone tonight,
with only the ghosts of my making and their light.
welcome to tonight, faint gleams of dying light,
its time to lay my pain to rest, tonight.
Beyond the setting sun,
where the moonshine is blinded by the stars,
I'll be sitting like a king on his throne,
I'll wash my feet by the sea, on the shores.

In a land of golden sands,
fragile dreams stand on like castles of stone.
We are built of broken hopes,
miracles make up our lives as we go.

Time shall flow by my whims,
we are the rulers of our own dreams.
Bound by no man, no sin,
we shall lay calm, along the waves on the shore.
Am I burning out again,
am i all alone in a world of my own?
falling snow makes my fingers numb,
has the end of my sunshine truly come?

Have the wounds cut me deeper than my skin,
do I belong into the pieces of the life I live?
are the winds wailing for me as they go?
Do I truly know where I belong?
the sand in the clock falls slowly to time,
we are just another grain in the flow past its prime.
Is this what they call life,
discontent frames of moving lives.

Fingers of accusations points on through,
like broken glass, that cut you soul through.
Did you wait for a day like this,
when the roses bloomed, happiness lied in the folds of a kiss.

Am I broken like the shards of glass?
whats left of me, mere reflections of my past.
The day comes to me with morning light,
I pray the wings of my dreams soon take flight.
At the end ,its all a battle or strife,
Is this what they truly call life?
Lying is so easy,
the circles of sin keep flowing on.
addicted lives scares the shit out,
everyone keeps a diary of their own sins.

everybody lives a Ceaser's life,
everybody gets stabbed in the back with brutus' knife.
greed throws morals out of the window,
like blind following the blind, to pits of tartarus all go.
Days of eden, long ago gone;
strands of evil, binding everyone forever here.

Happiness lies in pictures of you,
a painting long gone, shredded in the sands of time.
A face I know, long gone, long lost;
tears dry my eyes, failures cloud my sky.
Empty hearts fill the streets in the day,
when will I walk back on beautiful grass,
how long before the days of eden come back?
Rainbows in the sky, up so high,
is it your colors, the seven from heaven,
that make you rhyme with nothing ever?
Everyone walks along, all see you up above,
the drops rain and fall, you live and die,
starting at the nowhere that you end too;
you always start with violets and end in red hues.

rainbows in the sky, do you see the shades of you,
does the sky mirror you before you die?
With the shades of blue caught in middle of you,
oh rainbow, how beautifully you glitter and die.
I keep wishing, I keep singing;
words keep floating around in my head.
I lay smiling, laughing all along,
the sun kisses a goodbye as he passes on along.

Where does the sun go sinking,
bringing a new day always along?
Can I tell the stars from one another without blinking ever?
as I sleep under the moon with the grass for a bed.

Will the time stop running madly,
do i know every face that's come and gone?
Do the shadows see the masters walking in front headlong,
does the sun know its been sinking into the sea, everyday alone.
I'm sailing off to wonderland,
with white golden feathers under my feet,
I keep running to the rainbows on the horizon,
I keep looking for the signboard to wonderland.

I take lefts and I take rights,
on the road before, on the forks ahead,
I follow my heart at the crossroads,
hitching a ride with lady destiny all along,
I keep going onto the road to wonderland.
If you let me,
I'll show you the picture in my head.
Pretty flowers floating around in the sky,
the air smells of cotton candies and violet flowers.

My ears hear a hum all the while,
your name sounds like a blue giggling sky.
The rain lays besides me in flakes of snow,
the wind fills up the void of my footsteps in the sands as as I go.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way beyond the forgetting faces,
in a land where smiles are no more condescending;
happy faces glitter under the sun and moon shine,
I think I'm wandering around in the realms of my dreams.

Built on sands of every color, trinkets in the air sing on through,
the sea runs wild, in her bed of swell.
the night comes with a song on her lips,
I steer my life in the depths of a sea I know too well.
the sky showers in the radiance of her blue,
no storm to leave her sliver clouds in strands of angry blue.
Take up the flowers as you walk along,
hide the stony path underneath in its scents and hues.
Rainbows of static chaos, rivers of a million drops,
a painting in motion around, the beauty runs my tears dry.
Unfolding me, in the warm fondling sun,
I breathe the air again, first gasps of a baby step.

Lost,in the cacophony of the world,
I think I make-break the days of my coming life.
Walking up, with nothing to hold on to,
I lead on the path of my life,
I breathe on under the rays of the fondling sun.
I smell the autumn wash away on the ocean shore,
seen about the forest trees, the fallen greens turn burning yellow.

People run from home and back, never seeing the sun pass by,
distinct sounds of the falling leaves, lost in the chaos of the feet.
the waves and the sea shimmer on in the rain,
all the beauty of the day left to glitter in the sands and the grain.
Valleys of neptune, right where I left you,
broken track on the radio, rewinding is all you've got to do.
broken guitar riffs sing the same three and a half notes,
the grown ups keep repeating the same stupid quotes.

Broken radio on the shelf,
do you ever sing another song?
have you ever heard another song sung along,
will you ever make the valleys of neptune be long gone?

***- valleys of neptune-Jimi Hendrix
swinging the arms as I go by,
not caring at all the eyes looking by.
The short and the tall, all in their flat worlds,
I keep running in circles, in a world so flat.

I see people I've seen before,
I frown at faces I never wanna see anymore.
My mind rolls along with the waves to the horizon,
only to send the dolphins back and say the world's flat as it goes on.
At winter's death,only the rain to come say goodbye,
frozen tears of gone cold, hide and melt under the gaze of the sun.

The green back on the leaves and tress,
a slow salute to the winter's deeds.
When you care, how the days went,
all along with you, half wailing, half smiling;
you hold hands, with coming shine,
telling you its silly secrets as you swing,
in the folds of its warmth, you forget all of you.
A hundred twins in a row,
street lamps blinking to me as I go.
The city flows along through her streets,
alone in her own dreams, she sleeps as the midnight gleams.

The wind sings a song, half asleep in her song,
wanting to be heard, to the happily slept;
she goes on, humming all along.
bread crumbs on the table,
ants make closed paths in straight lines.
I look at the flies fly by,
wandering souls humming for what they are looking for.
Paint brushes, in the sky so far up,
my love in shades of a million colors and hues.
some sweet revenge , some sweet love,
I thought I never did lose you, never stand at the horizon all alone.

All burnt out, under my red blood sky,
I wish to forget the words of care that burn my eyes.
I paid you all heed I ever could,
you fed my heart all the desires that you should;
I stand alone, making promises in the rain,
i fall on my knees, praying you were my touchwood.
Blame the heaven and stars for what you are,
never ever look back and stare what you could have been from what you are.
Everybody learns a thing or two so far along,
everybody breaks a bone or two reaching so alone so long.

I was never one to trust the world and its hues,
swinging from one morality to another like monkeys from trees;
we swing our foot on the stone only to hurt the foot,
true bliss is under the sky,eyes closed as your hair dances to the breeze.
satellites circle in onion rings,
the wise happily fool around like pigs.
If i had a million, i would rain it all away,
the cats on the window don't ever care.

Fat little people make the world smaller,
wish the sad dumb people took the world a joke.
the crows on the telephone poles paint the sky black,
the losers on the street wish they had the lost time back.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Come rain, come shine,
let the old song be sung again.
thro new moons and the dark skies,
wait till morn for the golden skies.

The wind strides ,slow in the dark;
the wolfs howl, much past the time of the dawn.
Redemption taunts the heart to its grave,
the mind pays for how the heart behaves.
My rainbows,keep shining through,
the clouds and sky, a mirror of blue.
my scrambled heart, a bowl of wonderful you,
its magical, the way the rain looks me through.

heavy heart and a heavy foot,
no one tells me what I'm supposed to do.
The mists, blurs of you,
the eagles up in the sky, hunt the path on for me.
I return to see, what I was with you,
to places of glee, there's so much love for what I find.

This is a song, of open hearts,
of thoughts of you, racing through.
my veins throbs on,rustling on,
the air better come, keep me going on.
I like the way you do,
paint my horizon in shades of blue.
I like the way you see,
as I slowly lose my way into the sea.
I like the way you sing,
in the court of my little island dreams,
where i rule as eternity's king.
I like the way you fly,
in the realms of my mind, watching the sands fly by.
I like the way I lose,
in the scent of you , forever footloose.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You are all that stands between me and my fall,
you are the reason I float under the skies.
You are my mornings under the clouds,
you fall among the rain,in the glittering pearls of dew.
you are the painful days of gone yesterdays,
you are me, for now and for ever.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When I wake in the morning,
I lay you to sleep in my dreams.
I write songs that starts with "you",
It's sad the way the pen ends up all alone,
when they rhyme no more with you.

If I could erase my memories clean,
thoughts of you will be all that I have left to be seen.
I ride the bicycle across the town in the rain,
on the sandy beaches, naked feet floating along the sand;
I lay all day painting pictures of you in the grain.
If only I could draw the sun,
would I shade it in another color ;
will I make the sky glow in shades of you for ever?

If I could rain the moonshine,
will I let the night be painted in dark?
Will I shade it in hues of blue,
will I let the rain drizzle in drops of you?
If only I could change my mind,
forget the tears that freeze my mirrors blind.
hear the chimes ring another song,
coz the days long cursed have finally gone.

If only I could make the sands fly,
only if under the stars,undisturbed along you I could lie;
if only the whites were a different shade from the snow,
Never would I have let the memories go.
slowly along the drain of life,to nowhere as we flow,
unknown, onto the jaws of death, like hermits we go.

If only I could fly with no wings,
with dreams pillon the heart,
egos walk like kings.
I hover by graves, among fallen leaves;
I walk on and on blind,
as the horizons of life turn unkind.
shadows of the sun fly past,
shades of moving light tear apart the open skies,
the light scars the clouds in strands of silver lines.

Windows peek into yesterdays,
the winds long gone blow on the greens again.
The bright sun and golden rains recess back into my dreams,
thoughts grow back into the nothing they came from,
I watch the clock rewind in circles, as the birds fly above.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Out of window panes in the rain,
I wet my hands under the sky in drops of you.
The clouds with their silver lining floating high above,
seems like strands of golden hair that I closed my eyes to.

I dance in my head to songs of you,
float under the milky way with the stars and you.
I cry unseen to the flower and the wind,
under the yellow showers of sun's falling light;
my tears hide along the pouring rain,
and I close my eyes, drenching in drops of you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

where did the rain go?
now its just me all alone by the window.
Will the sun come again the next day,
and roll over the clouds or just let them cry again?

Should I shut out the wind,
so cold and so little care,
blowing over grass and sheep alike;
is it afraid to let its feet feel,
the ground that grows beneath, so green.

Friday, February 5, 2010

all my light sinks back into you,
the world walls around like closed corridors.
call out to the times that passed,
a river of memories flow along no lines of there own.

window panes talk out thro the wind between the curtains,
I am scattered in the world outside.
I have seen no one in the mirror for too long,
I roam around looking for nobody no more.