Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My imagination slugs,
I can't imagine my end.
Will I really end?
My mind runs wild for reasons,
I can't find the skies to fly,
Will my wings ever wash away the clouds?

Monday, March 29, 2010

You descend like morning light into my heart,
fill the dark corners with the pearls in your eye,
listening to unnoticed lamentations in the wind,
your smile fills cheerful beams in my sky.
Where to do the roads go?
how many faces pass along as I go?
where will the signs on the road lead on to?
all happiness and sadness reflects in that face with a smile,
from where do the random beats of the heart take root?

How many dreams do I search before I find what I want?
How many miles before I find where the rainbows meet the ground?
How many words before I find the song in the silence around?
How many mirrors will I see, before I find the truth in me?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Got no time, got no mind,
for the words to fill the lines.
Time to sleep, time to sync,
into the dark beauty of the night.
So whats it the dreams shout?
castles drifting under dark skies,
calling out to you, calling their creator home.
Remember that we were once children,
we saw the sky with our minds and not the eyes,
not afraid of what we saw in the images up so high,
we saw a world drifting slowly, just for us in the sky.
I have been searching for pearls in the sand,
the feathers floating around keep spinning around in my head.
All the footmarks in the sand,fills with the ocean's tear,
as the beach washes on my foot in ebbs and waves,
I walk on, on the shore, trying to find pearls in the sand.

As my days keep turning bright,
now I see clearly, the pearl of my day.
I wait on as I look around, in the temple of my light,
I breathe the scents of a new born day,
I see the oceans kiss my feet in the sand,
as the day turns night, my world hangs on bright,
like a million stars and their light, shines the pearl of my eye.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I hold a ace of hearts in my sleeve,
I hold the beat of the waves in the palm of my hand.
Stretching the kingdoms of my mind across the sky,
the birds fly on in rainbows lanes in my heart.
I hold castles of my dreams in happy tears of my eyes,
I hold the sun and the stars in their places in my sky.
Stranger places and stranger people on the street,
I hunt shades of smiles in the passing nobodies.
My feet finds a path to the forests of new born light,
my eyes rest on orange horizons I see in her eyes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

She is a poem,
of seven golden lines.
The beat of her heart, beautifully written,
deep within her ebbs and flows,
her beauty blinds her creator.
A flow of ink, a song with a soul,
she is a poem, a dream to which the Gods bow .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I had a dream,
I stood below orange skies,
I saw the doves fly by,
In my dream I saw the sun,
ride the road down the orange sky.

I had a dream,
of chestnut smoke and pure white snow.
In my dreams, the day dawned bright blue,
before the sea a field stretched out towards the shapes of distant islands,
real and imagined, blurring at the edges,
the waves wash on, my feet to unknown lands,
all bathing slow, in the light of the orange sky.

Friday, March 19, 2010

the tubelight's song.

burning bright, heavenly light,
tubes of white light, rain out thro the window.
shadows under the bed, daemons lurking away protected aside,
in the fear of the light, they tremble at its might.

Do the sun fear your light,
does the light give the moon a sad dim light?
does the power in its veins burn so forever bright,
have you seen the lights blink a smile before they rain their light?
I walk on, on half made roads,
I stop and stare at the sights beyond my eye.
Beetles warp around the bricks on the sand,
the moon is not quite bright, in the shadow of my sun.

I fly through lands of talking trees,
I walk on water and dance with the light.
Something rings a song, far away on the sea,
feelings half baked live and rule, in the sunshine of my life.
Round and round they go,
in circles in a cup,
mists of coffee vapors,
make the mornings blue.

shades of bark, bordering on the dark,
a million suns in my head,
flow through my veins as the coffee sinks on.
on and on, making roads to places I never knew,
the coffee works its way as I melt into the day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am schrodinger's cat,
caught neither here nor there,
I own every time, everywhere.
I jump through time, out of her palms,
I live my nine lives, in the holds of the uncertainity at hand.

I am schrodinger's cat,
caught between a toss of neither this nor that,
the past fades in the coin's fall,
tomorrow never means the coming hour.
I die and live again, I twist time and space again,
I am the master of no time and no space,
I live on, as schrodinger's cat.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I look for some magic in the air,
I see the eagles fly in circles far away.
I fell asleep on the blades of grass,
the clouds and their shadows too came to pass.

I hear the stories, all happy at last,
ones where the pain of the past, runs afar so fast.
The sun shines much kinder now, the light kisses my cheeks good luck,
Its a new leaf of a life, its a beautiful day that'll for ever last.
I have words floating around my head,
I have broken lines filling the pages with lines.
I have shards of feelings poking from the inside,
I have songs of love filling up the air.

All I ever knew, all I ever needed be,
all the curtains that needed to be free,
float around in the brush of the winds.
One of these days, I shall write a song,
I shall wave the wind a stroke of my own,
one of these days, I shall sing you a song so bright,
I shall make the stars shine brighter , make the sun forget her light.
I am on a train home,
back to the smells of new born rain,
to the land of the new born sun and happy days.

I am here today,
looking through at the flowery meadows,
I am here today,
Waiting for tomorrow to pick me home.
I stand on the cross roads of life,
roads extending to nowhere, all leading to me,
the clouds shine bright on one, the silver threads light the other.
I walk down a broken line,
I walk with no rush, no losing time,
the clouds pour through my eyes,
as the skies light up in shades of blue,
I breathe slowly from the air, my life,
I hum slowly, standing on the cross roads of my life.
Glades of snow in your eyes,
the million drops of pearls that light up your eyes,
I rain in the star shine from your eyes,
I lose my self, in the glitter of those eyes.

I write songs, on and on about your eyes,
the words stare me back in surprise.
I take photographs of you in my mind,
I replace the suns of my life with your eyes.
there's a hole in my pocket, about sky size,
The hope keeps ebbing on, I pray everything keeps being alright.

Smiling faces on the road,
a million gifts I find on the road afar,
I wait for the leaves to dry,
I wait for the skies to be all right.

I think to myself, I make build my dreams,
I paint the rainbows in multiple streams of all colors and hues.
I roll on, on the road along,
I drive on, on a way leading to me.
The stares glare on in my eyes,
I fall into the rain, unbound.
I hold the starlight by my side,
I rewind the songs before they even begin.

All the dust on the window, sparkle in the light,
I look down from my castles so high,
I look at the eagles right in the eye.
Life comes to those who choose to live,
The lights rain on, with only happiness to give.
Floating drops of light in the air,
like a pearl shining bright in the sun,
lighting a million smiles under the sky,
here comes sweet light, making my mornings bright.

The paradise in my head, fills my sights,
the clock on the tower, completes a song as she goes.
There's only the sun and the me and the grass to live all this through,
Its only brilliant light that shapes up the day as time pass through.
the windows gleam on bright.
I drive on the road alone,
perfect shadows follow me behind as I go.

These days,
my thoughts run in a train,
from one happy land to another.
I keep waiting for today, as she keeps on her road;
here comes the sun, burning bright thro me, today.
Don't look away from the shining sun,
don't run away from the coming dawn.
Don't hide in the shadows in the dark,
don"t hide away from the flowers in the park.

What I want, is all around,
in splinters of joy, in blades of grass,
I see the light falling from the tree tops in her tumble of colors,
I see time gleam a smile as she passes by.
I remember the sounds and the songs,
of November birds long gone.
I walk on a tune of some voice, all that I only here somehow,
while I wait for the clouds under my feet to fly,
I wait for the November birds and their songs.

I glitter on in dews on the grass,
I keep lying down with eyes closed on winter grass.
I see light dancing her way out on the surface of a glass,
I see myself whistling on in a sea of never ending grass.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye, sweet vapors of love,
goodbye, the sweet dreams of the bye gone days.
Goodbye, the pebbles in the road till here,
goodbye, the signs on the roads I never took.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

rosy mist on the window panes,
the world's shades of green in the rain.
the air smells of paradise,
a million flowers wait to bloom at sunrise.

The day is a tune,sung along,
on the road of bliss that we walk on.
Time runs on,on her solemn path,
we walk on,on a song, in God's true form.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Whiffs of home, rain my cloudy days anew,
the tambourine sings of a beat of her own.
Flashing lights in bright shades on the seas,
I wait it to come down to, a changed life and the sky bright blue.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its a beautiful day,
to rain in something better,
to open up my eyes to the skies,
and sing a song for the coming spring.
Happiness paints my sky in tunes of a song,
its a beautiful day to be spent humming with you along.
Pearls on the window sill,
morning elegance in all splendor bright.
Early birds fly over head to uncharted skies,
the trees breathe on life for the rest of man.

baby steps of a morning step,
into the cold floors of yesterday, we let our feet.
Wanting to fly over the never ending meadows of tomorrow,
we smile a welcome at the sun, the clouds and her shining light.
Dreams built on vapors in morning light,
the angel's lend their wings,
beating a whisper in the wind as they go,
the dreams of my own, glitter bright as the morning sun.

Scarlet drops of dew fill up my vision,
the wind sings as the blades of grass dance along.
I'm starting to breathe the happiness into me,
I have forgotten the last dark clouds beyond the horizon,
I've seen the coming life in the bird's morning song.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Into the light, dreary and haggard,
we flow on, waiting the glory dawn.
Broken sounds linger on,
the mist clears the path to the sky.
We were the Kings and Queens of every tomorrow,
we owned the sun and everything under its brilliant light.

We walk into the streets of coming time,
we walk with angels along our stride.
We let the light glitter on the road ahead,
maybe the time will now follow the sands under our feet,
maybe we were the kings and queens of kingdoms gone.
On castles of hopes and dreams we build our lives,
In a land happily our own, we live on,forever;
in the high thrones of the Gods,
we rule as the Kings and Queens of tomorrow...and forever.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It hurts the sea when you cry,
it hurts the sky when there is moist on your eyes,
it hurts the heavens when your tears flood the sky.
Save you tears for the glitter of the pearls,
save your sorry for the bird without a song,
save the strain in your heart for the warmth of the sun,
save your happier times, for the coming morn.
We swim in oceans in our head,
making waves under the sun that shines burning gold.
We take the birds from their homes in the sky,
we ride on the their backs among the clouds of paradise.

We walk on magical sand, we let time run herself to a stop,
we make immortal dreams paint the sky,
we paint the rainbow in shades of monotone blue.
We blink back at the stars, we swim to greener lands,
we run a thousand miles in our head,
we let paradise reflect in the iris of our eye.
We swim in the oceans of our life,
we swim along the dolphins in the night,
we swim weightless in the shadows of light.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Have we forgotten,
the meadows and the never ending grass?
have we forgotten,
the sun rain its yellow on the hill afar?
have we forgotten,
the scent of the faraway rain?
Have we forgotten,
the birds in the trees and their songs?
Have we forgotten,
the beauty of slumber on green grass?
Have we forgotten,
the enchantment of the river's song along a walk?
Have we forgotten,
the faint dance of moonlight in the dark?
Have we forgotten,
what it takes to open up and laugh ?
Have we forgotten,
the little moments that make life so grand?
Have we forgotten,
the pearls at the bottom of our hearts?
Have we forgotten,
the songs and tune that the days sing on.....
The road that goes on,to the backyard full of dreams,
a house of forgotten songs and a happy life's theme.
Every time the clock swings on,
my world turns upside down once again.
The sky is filled with the colors of the corals,
the fish swim along with the eagles in their flight.

Every stroke the clock swings on,
the sun moves closer to the moon a bit more.
The penguins swim on in no man's land,
the rain wets the sky, as the clouds sparkle on.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

where do the broken vectors on the road lead to?
patches of white strips in the black,
from the edge of my foot to the horizons beyond,
mingling with the clouds flying in the sky,
the wind reclaims the sky from dark.

Where do the running wheels hurry to?
All roads end in a shade of brown and blue.
Tears of happiness reflect in rainbow hues,
the foot taps a song the heart long knew.
Rocket trails shine through silver clouds,
the million twinkling stars light the fading sky through,
the grass hums as the night sprinkles dazzling pearls of dew.

Monday, March 1, 2010

May you sleep sweet,
the heavens bristle under you feet.
May the sky hold you in its folds,
with the stars twinkling bright on your sheets.
May the angels sing their songs,
may the hum beautify the times gone,
may you sleep sweet,
may the flowers of paradise kiss your feet.
Lost flakes of falling snow blur the sky,
morning wind warms the bird's nests under the sun.
No battles fought, no wars to beat none to nowhere,
the leaves keep falling on, dancing to some song the wind tunes.

Sparrows keep chiming under the spring sun,
random beats of the heart rhyme the colors of fun.
Beats on the road, the foot on a song of its own,
on the road to lands of elven blue,
I keep forgetting the sign boards in the hum of a song.
The stars appear and disappear like a blink,
all the white fluffy clouds reappear around the brink of my eye.
the sky clears her off the dark rain clouds,
water drips on, wetting the heart in waves of joy.

Reasons come and go in the flicker of the wind,
golden sands glitter bright under the shade in the snow.
Plans made and unmade on the road as I go,
the sky rains stardust on me as I go.