Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I fade into the mists before my eyes,
I lose myself in the myths of my head.
I soar on and on, almost making it to the sun,
I keep going on to the point of no return,
to the place where amends mean no changes no more.

I witness the flight of the eagles,
in their home among the clouds beyond the glare of men.
As they swiftly swoon through the blue skies,
I rebuild my castles here below,
in the east, away from all the vagaries of a past,
closer to the sun, hoping that the light shall forever last.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have been walking on with the cycle logic in my head,
I have no trouble finding a million doors.
I walk the avenue that goes on around and around,
I think I see a star up ahead, but then maybe there's nothing at all.

I walk on with the cycle logic ringing on,
every now a consequence of every then.
I hold my breath for a moment, to see if holding time would run me out,
but its gone before it comes, the whiff of life in a handful of air.
All the glitter of today taking roots from a million yesterdays,
I walk on humming songs on the cycle logic I find inside,
I pause, stop and wait on, but in the rustle of every grass on the hill,
its just waiting to be heard, the songs of how things be from what they were.
This is the story of city lights,
glimmering on when all else go home,
under skies with only the stars to stare on,
unbroken, they shine on, these city lights.

Never letting go, the glow up above the heads,
driving away the demons lurking in the dark,
this is the story of undying hope when all else falls,
this is the story of the million city lamps.
Its always the same, everyday,
the same blue skies overhead, everyday.
its always the same songs on the radio,
stolen words about stolen thoughts.

How long have the road kept going on,
with a million turns and bends, they always keep going on.
its always the same countless stars in the night,
its always the dreams that build the shapes of the world,
its always the same, that keeps the world running sane.