Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rhythmic steps to where I'm to,
all I need is a dream and a heart.
Castles in the air, I make and unmake,
on the journey I'm on, on roads I make.
Asking all the questions, right and wrong,
in search of answers, hoping to find on my own.
the ground beneath sings along,
as I walk along, a road all of my own;
A ray of hope, a pinch of love,
and all I need is song to hum;
on the road I make, to the dreams I dream.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

lightning strikes,
silver sparks light up the clouds in the dark.
twigs of memories, broken and withering;
shades of flowers that never will bloom again,
fill the sights of a faraway wonderland,
partly a past,partly a future unsure of its path.

none look up, to the stars that shall never shine again,
as the lightning strikes, all else fade,
like the hopes of a dying candle in the dark.
all the orange skies of a faraway land,
calling onto the dying waves in the dark;
darling sounds of random happiness fall like the rain,
when the skies shine up, dancing to the sliver lightning bolts.
If everything is the same,
if nothings ever change,
will I know when the morn comes?
when I wake to the same sunlit skies.

If everything is the same,
will I know when the clocks go still?
If everything is forever same,
will I know when nothing remains?

Friday, July 23, 2010

i remember the moon,as its floats,
when the sun sets,
flying by through the milky way.
I remember the sinking light,
filling up the spaces in the sky,
I remember floating endlessly,
kissing the clouds in my dreams.
I remember walking through autumn trees ,
I remember walking on till I wear out the summer shoes.
I remember staring at the glass,
my own eyes piercing into the bits of my soul.
I remember trying to collect pieces of my mind,
trying to sleep in the glitter of silver moonlight.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm having trouble sleeping,
swinging between between blurred lines of reality and dreams,
I'm jumping between my worlds,
I keep twisting strands of sunshine in my head,
I'm having trouble breathing, worlds keep choking in my head.

I'm having trouble sleeping,
I'm thinking of what to hold on to and what to let go.
I never get to let it all free,
its always some other footsteps on the street,
its always the nameless breeze passing me along on her stead,
stealing my words as I move on, invading my worlds as I breathe on.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We pray for clouds,
to darken the yellow hues in the sky.
We pray for the rain,
to paint anew the shades on the trees.
We pay for a storm, to shake and rumble on,
to replace old beliefs, to rebuild broken temples and dreams.

We pray for the sun,
to shine forever when darkness falls.
We pray for the fires,
when the cold kills the flames within.
We pray for the Gods,
when all else seems to fail;
We cry for our brothers,
when the blood soaks the earth like a rain.