Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some days fly by on,
in sweet whiffs of butterfly wings,
a buzz of immortal song fills on,
a slow dance under blue skies, as the day flies on.

A dream, a cloud of steam,
a spoonful of laughter and a happy gleam,
the rain fills in a harmony as it pours,
yellow light brightens up,
a slow brushstroke, humming with life.

Caught by a breath, like early dew on sliver threads,
soaring in the sky, thoughts fly on.
white as a cloud, a dove taking flight,
dew trickles on , setting in dreams as they go.
the day goes on, winding all along,
as the heart mellows on, before the light is gone .
Dead leaves, on dead roads,
we walk on blind, living dead beat lives.
dead dreams and dead hopes,
sulking in fear, of death kissing us all.

Dead songs, of dead deeds,
we struggle on, in life's sweet grasp.
For a hope, a ray of light,
we pray on, on dead knees at dead walls.