Saturday, December 10, 2011

Under the roof,
below the sun,
we all soar a million miles,
in the stretches of our minds.

Under the light,
in the ebbs of hapiness,
we drench in a hundred thousand dreams.
we make the days our own,
we  become the folly children of our own dreams.

Under the roof,
below the sun,
a singular soul, we're all one.
from the start to the end,
we float apart and away,
only to share singular joys,
to learn to share and love and hate.
disregarding the pain,
forgetting the follies,
we walk on under the sun,
to a happier place
to the final laughter at the seam.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The amber spark

The forest is foggy,
The sunlight tinged.
My amber heart glows,
In shades of my mind.

My amber life burns,
By the desires of my soul,
Of smiles, of skies and grass and dunes,
Of simple streams,
Of simple dreams.

The forest sings,
In the tones of a hundred birds,
In the colors of a million leaves.
My amber soul,
Burns through the shadows of doubt;
Bright as the sun,
Bright as the light.
Hues of days; my own,
Hues of skies, of my mental blues.

I’m the start and and end,
Of the road of my life,
I let the by-lanes define,
The colors of my soul.

I am the spark,
In my amber heart,
In my amber soul.
I am the butterfly in the wind,
A flutter of light,
A tinkle in the air.
I burn on bright,
Happy and merrily high,
Among the light and shadows,
I live bright,
An amber life.