Friday, February 27, 2009

This is all that i write;
all that I dream, all I ever wanted be.
I am on my knees, oh, I am a lucky son.
The lucky son, of no God and no sorrow.

Been on the train,
thinking and cracking my brain.
take a deep breath, think the world will fall apart.
been to places, there is no going back.
This is me, this is I;
I am my religion.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i am the radio star;
no face to show every place.
you belong to my past,
all your memories shall fade fast.

strange quotes from strange notes,
at the edge of the water,I keep losing myself faster.
close your eyes and my world fades away,
all my past my tomorrow.
I belong to the sounds of the stereo.

faraway in the sky, dont shoot me the wrong way.
change your mind before all is lost,
I am on and on humming a tune;
I sleep on the dark side of the moon.
and in the shadows I sing,flying on my pearly wing.
Watching the show as my time flies by,
I am the radiostar.

Monday, February 23, 2009

on a ship of reason, sailing through all seasons.
all the sunshine up there having their share of attention.
trying to catch my eye, the colors of this life;
paint a rosy picture, let the pain say goodbye.

feel nice about the way you feel,
live and breathe through your eyes.
stop, watch and think;
why the cold face in a warm world?

be there when they want you,
walk out of all that make you stop.
let it all go out of your mind,
gather all the fallen flowers you can find.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

some promises I make;
some that I break.
Living out the pain for her sake;
I dream she would understand.

the day comes to pass;
my face scorns at me behind the glass.
I never tried and so never know;
to see the planets and their stars.

I climb on a tree to see all the minds;
all the noises that speak to me fine.
showing all that i can't take to the underground;
all the thoughts i design,all the buildings i build.
somethings I believe, some I see.

all the science cant explain why;
paintings move in the space that they can find.
i guess all the noise is sound music;
but then its all a guess, worth not much a fuss.
only if i could understand why i try,
because all she did didn't make me cry.

where do i go,where do i stay;
upon the streets of eden that i fly.
never knew when I felt the plight;
when all that I knew ever took flight.

I might just show up on my epithet;
only there signs that i lay shall forever stay.
only if she saw would she understand;
somethings you can't lose; some, you never find.
how long do i long,
to see the end of this road.
how hard have i to try,
to see the end of this night.
there comes a moon in the night,
wizzing past my dreams at the speed of light.

all i feel and all i think,
empty spaces in the shape of the world.
holding the arm of empty air;
how long before i know;
how hard I tried and what I lost.

there comes she with a look on her face;
in the dreams of this night;
how long will she stay?
she goes before she can stay,
all the sounds filling the spaces around her.

how long before I understand;
she is long gone along the shine of the light.
in the silence,I cannot breathe;
in the light I cannot see.

all the reasons that I found;
going to the nowhere where all belong.
Only if she could talk from beyond;
I could make her understand.
Somethings you can't make;
somethings you can't fake.
birds keep flying with no tears in their eyes;
wish knew her moment would come in disguise,
just a kiss on the cheek, before i could say something nice;
the clock wound too fast before a final goodbye.

Friday, February 13, 2009

changing minds like hats,
all my moral structures on a roll.
the trials have taken their toll.
born into a night, as early light taking flight;
all my life, my pessimism shining bright.

don't belive in destiny,
the whole world is loony.
faraway in a galaxy;
nevercare about what is there.

is it fate,
that drops a coin in the begger's plate?
walking into the years as you grow,
caught in the vortex of some flow;
see your dreams fly away in the wind that blows.
a secret alchemy for my fate;
going with lady luck for a date.
the fun and the pranks begin;
the happy dance like a drunk penguin.

shake a leg and go for the jive;
because ten years in the grave,nobody knows you were alive.
jumping like kangaroo from dream to dream,
live and dance before you lose the juice and cream.

everyday comes and goes,
the brit fake and fade;
in the sun, looking for shade, 
everybody on their road gets way-laid.

its the time of the howling moon,
a couple of years and everybodys' a pantaloon.
how can i get to the moon;
when the bagpiper forgets his tune.

its crazy to be here;
but better than to be nowhere.
evrybody is taken for a ride;
the lucky one ends up with the bride.
every day life turns a page,
working for no man, no wage.
3 seconds of bubble fame;
the moment we waited for never came.

a glass of bitter lemon;
empty purses and hypocritical women.
someday soon, we will find,
things that let us out of all that bind.

turning a page, killing the rage.
the music is on, the world is spinning on.
round in circles around the sun;
all right and wrong fade in the fun.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a ninja in his nightdress,
dancing crazy ,a butterfly on crack.
losing hold of my broken mind,
or maybe i better get a glue rather than the flu.
watching the sunshine in the morning;
why do i have The Who buzzing in my head.

A one way street to the dark side of moon;
always steady in a spinning curve.
eight and half pints of vodka down the pipe;
why is the world drooling at all that i like?

second shows of a sneak preview,
down the hall on freaky friday;
a weekend starts within a spin on the clock;
planning to spend it all with my mind in block.
i am a wannbe on booze,
making my mark, immersed in crack.
30 feet up in the air,
my ego far  in the sky,behold as i fly ;
i am a wannabe, flying with wings on the green.
raking in moolah, speeding on highway;
flashing 100 dollar bills, not wanting the change.
i am a wannabe, with no morals to  feel ashamed.
perhaps i may die with a neddle in my nerve,
greedy of nothing in particular, 
my life nothing worth spectacular;
i am a wannabe on the road, with no place to go.
walking the streets of italy, 
smelling of popy and trashed lily,
i pray to the devil for fame sake;
i am a wannabe on a roll, all my life some fancy ball.