Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You see,
the blue sea hit and run,
my foot caught in the sand,
only the blue sky to fall on to.

We see,
the rain in the far off shore,
draining away all the sorrow of the day,
the city hid in gray mist,
it's life trying its best to fit.

I see,
the sun shine brightly upon,
the trees, in flames of tinder shades.
a pinch of love and winter snow,
and along the wave, you let it all go.
Hey light,
do you see me hiding?
among the curtain drapes,
among these folds that define my life.

Hey light,
do you see my shadows?
running away into the corners,
does the fear of death give them feet?

Hey life, do you see me running?
into the daylight, into better light.
hey Light, do you see me coming?
form the shadows, into the sunshine.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is nowhere,
through fields of broken memories,
and roads and fading dreams;
nothing seems alike because this is nowhere.

Fumbling words on a Pantaloon's tongue,
slow rhythms going no where soon.
Unending walks on non existing roads,
the rain pours from an open sky,
as you keep standing here,
a space that is no place, no where.
Leave the arms lying in their boxes,
kill only the instincts to burn it all.
Stick to your guns of humanity,
don't touch the guns, don't let them tear the naked flesh.

Fight the wars on a coffee table,
laugh at your own failures.
Leave the arms lying in their boxes,
kill only the pain, let wounded hearts rest.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My hands cold as a stone,
I am walking alone.
Sunlight kisses the trees,
I finally smile for no reason.

The curtains dance with the wind,
a world painted in the shadows lives and dies.
Gravity loses me,I float in my dreams,
I forget the past and the hopeless reasons;
I wait for the dance of the leaves,
their short-lived lives, dancing atop our heads,
in death, a rosy bed welcoming the coming season.
With every step I take,
I feel life making its way in.
All the masks broken by the light,
I guess it all ends with what I choose.

All that I have been,
random melodies long gone.
As the new morn is born,
all the sheets of darkness are finally torn.
Don't look into me,
I'm just learning to let go.
Alone, waving at the shadows gone,
I have forgotten what I was looking for.

The days fade fast into the nights,
days fly by as I keep on looking for.
Waiting all alone, for you, at the edge of sanity;
hoping the shadows to come once more,
for all that I had done wrong;
hoping to apologize, I have wandered on too long.
Singing one last song,
to look at your face one last time;
all alone, I keep forgetting what I was looking for.
Between the pauses of the waves on sand,
I'm searching for your voice in my mind,
to hold on to what I am, to save me from a lonely road.
Don't let go, let the song go on,
I have held you in my heart for far too long.
I should have long known, that your shadows are long gone.
I have gone on all alone,
forgetting all that I ever lost;
all my life, I'm lost,
waiting for that is gone,
save me from looking for you.
In the rain, standing on my own again,
among ruins of the fallen walls and broken chains,
I walk in between the pillars that hold the sky.

On a road that begins from door,
its raining sunshine, between the shades of clouds.
The wind howls for a friend, lonely and cold on its own;
I'm finally standing all on my own again,
I feel the bright sunshine kiss the sky again.

Friday, December 25, 2009

New dawn, frozen mist in glittering light,
before the birds wake,before the lights burns,
where to do the fading night go?

Look up at the fading stars, see life in the coming light,
so long, long gone, the pain in the mind;
all the springs of life come to life.

Wake up and stand on,
from the top of the tallest mountains.
A sign onward onto the bliss hereon,
all the past just broken street signs on the road long gone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tick-tocks on a rhythm, the clock going on and on,
feels like its raining happy times and cotton candies.

All people dreaming, jumping conversations with friends;
its the days of the blue moon, the stars shining bright thro the day.
This time, the lights sing on, I'm just trying to forget;
In the city of my dreams, I'm walking alone.

Sunlight grasps my tears in the morning glare,
I ask for forgotten times, lost at a fork in the road;
the sign boards all point to me, I'm almost certain I'm crying no more.

Here comes the rain calling, the flow strips me of chains and binds,
loosing all that I held hard within, all I never wanted to be losing.
The sun rises back to rain the warmth, the day smiles back at the shadows in dark,
I walk in the circles of the clock.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The boy in the rock and roll band,
trying to leave his prints on the sand.
Looking at all the pretty things from the stage up,
trying to hold destiny in the folds oh his hands.

Rolling and singing carefree on every turn and bend,
its just a drive to the halls of future legends.
Singing on and on about the confusion in a million emotion,
all personal will lies in a bundle of chaotic commotion.
The boy in the rock and roll band, the guitar still an ecstacy in his hands,
finally at the gates of golden lands, where his dreams finally land;
still sings on and on, to leave his prints on the sand.
Clay people on the street, with no song to sing,
a million private wars to fight, no spirits to be ever healed.

The lights go off the bright day,
the ship that wasn't supposed to sink forever lost.
Afraid of the shadows under the shine of the moon,
smoke from the pipe chokes the air within,
the morning waits for dreams to wake the spirits within.

The dawn keeps coming and the fools keep blinking,
the morning tide cleanses the little ones.
People rise and fall aside, astray till the end of their lives.
The chimes of the piper to the road onward,only heard by the children at heart,
the happy ones follow only where they truly want to go.
Baby steps of a dream lived,
the doors of your heaven become a part of where I go.

Every woman with dreams in her eyes,
a wonder on legs, you know you always stare at wonder.
Every man with a woman in his dream,
stumbling and falling, blindly walking in love.
Silver circles in the sky,
the head lay softly on a bed of grass;
looking at the circle of sky above, the leaves for sheets of warmth.
The slow breathing of the earth in my ears,
a slow lullaby to sleep, I wish to lay on for years.

The slow sun warms the skin,
the slow wind locks my eyes shut.
Asking God who I'm supposed to be,
I float endlessly in this beautiful sea.
Happy cat on the window sill,
all life, just a tumble or a roll.

Lazy afternoon spent sleeping on window panes,
between the neighbors milk and the flying birds,
a jump safely done,a day happily gone.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Growing up.

Walk, in the park so green;
the kids playing around, old age envy too turns green.

Leaps of faith, over the clouds and stars,
we climb on the mounts of the moon.
A towel for cape, we fly in the worlds of tomorrow,
jumping between dreams and reality alike,
Oh, we were supermen.
Shadows on the ground,
making funny faces as they follow you around.
Into every secret that you walk, they come on;
with no worries to care, they wait by your side till dawn.

Its never too late,to join the game,
all shame is a sham, just like fame.
The day is up on for your eyes to shine,
at the end of the day,being alive is just fine.

You were born, into a special gift,
the world colored in flowing lines,
of all those you love and look up to when you cry.
Prepare to go, guns blazing on;
until the empty bandolier,
or the stray bullet in your heart.

The shock in your eyes, mirages of blood spilled;
forever and ever, you dance unknown into the hands of fate.
A book of lies, all poison spewed from twisted thoughts,
you blow them to hell, for kingdom come;
the doors of heaven painted in blood,
you choke at the hands that you fought.

A lovely disguise, you rev it all up,
all your sins cover the path to redemption in hate.
A life falsely lived, you draw out the life,
faking all your prayers, you glare away from the light.
Walking home all alone,
I got hit by the train of my thoughts.
Lying, in my own vision of the world,
something,like a thorn, bled my heart to death.

Today, the walls shall come crashing down,
your desires shall drown naked in this world.
Prepare to flee, fly from your shadows,
the dark stretches of you that paint the world in dark.
Monochrome rainbows, threads of insanity;
winding slowly across your neck in loops.
Oblique signs on the road ahead,
the world is twisted, bent and in ruins.

Left and right, everywhere you turn,
its straight ahead to doom, straight on to gloom.
Everybody you knew, everybody you hated knowing,
blankly stare into the emptiness that is becoming you.
what do you know,
about me and the other worlds that I often go.

what do you know,
when you see me go from the crowds to lonely roads?

where do you go,
from the glare of the eyes and the shocks of the million blows.

what do you care,
when the world falls around you like shreds of dreams torn.

what do you feel,
when the devil in you sings the glory song?

where do you go,
from the songs and merry, and all;
for here are the happy faces you were looking for,
for here is the life that you lived all along.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Evergreen symphonies in my head on the beach front,
the summer winds hum the madness around.
Winter promises all white, some blurred shades of bleak snow;
the winds run through my fingers slow,kissing my skin blue with the cold chill.
The water under my foot dance to some distant song,
the beach rises and ebbs, a first time welcome for a sibling long gone.

The warm sun, morning glitter of a shaded yellow on the grass,
the drum beats in my heart find a crowd of its own calling;
the bees race and dance, the dew playing the movies of the greens like a glass.

This time, I running slowly into myself;
backwards , slow motion into my own past.
A ticket to the bright times of life happily lived,
this time, I truly feel the sands under my foot breathing my song.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finding some reasons,
to carry on the days on and on;
making circles around the walls of forgotten memories;
the sky rains happiness in trinkets of pearls.

Reflections of tears mirror on the rain drop,
silver linings paint the sky shades of golden splendor.
The hours wait for me, a golden minute lost,in a fall from the dial;
I want to wait for you, in the splash of my life's colors.

Death by caffeine.

To kill the morning sleep,
the evening drowse and the lazy sheets;
I drown in the mists of vapour,
gleaming at the morning light,
Among the slow wisps on the cup;
I wait for death by caffeine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its only me,
between the sky and the feet on my ground.
Its only me,
between my dreams and the tomorrows of my life.
Its only me,
singing aloud in the hustle of life;
its only me,
in the million smiles the mirror laughs.
Its only me,
in the rain, underneath the clouds so dark.
Its only me,
pulling out the sun from the faded old skies.
Its been me,
rhyming all along, taking the stroll while others run unknown,
In this garden of Eden,
its only me,
who sees the flowers bloom,
its only me,
who dance to the bees' tune.
Dreams, in the name of yesterday,
with time, they fly the wings of my hopes.
Drowning in the sweetness of my eternal joys,
the clouds walk a tightrope, with the sky for the ground.

Singular songs rhyme forever in my head,
no more running from the shadows of tomorrow.
Nooks and corners of a life happily lived,
the jokes' on the people who wash it all away in tears.
Revenge,in the name of the fallen souls on sand,
the blood gleams on grass, like fallen drops of dew.

Men choke on their own demise,
the swords make the angels scream ;
the faces shall bleed in their mirrors,
while the devil shall happily cry at their demise.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My life, a symphony;
of choices pulled a bit too long.
The slow morning breeze in my face,
the light dances along the moving frames of your picture.

Behold the moments spent in olden memories,
in the mirror, I cry tears that turn golden dust.
Life, a work of art; under the sun, a glitter of hopes.
through the clouds, mists of grey silver;
the sun shall see the day bloom and shine.
homeless, over the mountains of past memories;
I seek the shores of tomorrow,
all my words, a reflection of my worlds;
I float endlessly,
seamlessly fading into my world that is you.
Looking at the sun beaming over head;
I open my eyes and feel the beat in my heart.
I soar among the clouds, up above the dark rainy ones;
through the tumble in the skies, I roar and sail;
between the falls and the cliffs,its you who hold me down.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its raining causes and reasons,
I wander aimlessly through all seasons.
Some mystical freedom from the answers of daily life,
I am scared to death , of life and reasons.

Every morning , life starts a story,
a never ceasing battle, ending in its self written glory.
I want the mornings afresh, my mind keeps on trying;
every moment I go on to, some story waiting to be told.
The roses on my grave, red and bold;
coldness crashes through my own emptiness like a wave.
Its just another lonely day;
sleeping through all that the priests say.

The mind never know what the hearts ever say,
I never knew that you ever cared.
Its just another day with the waves at my feet;
its just another morning with the flowers at my grave.
It takes me a while,to right where I come around;
the memories all gone, the woman is still hanging on.

Short answers for everything I ever cared,
all I have is you running wild through my head.
everything that happened, going on for no reason,
I flee to the point of no return and no reason.
Life's a crossword, love was just my heart's treason;
you run across me thro' this life, for ever for no reason.